4 Knowledge Is Power

Dream Bigger, Reach Higher and Achieve more…

Rhonda Williams-Turner

4 Knowledge is Power was founded by Rhonda Williams-Turner in Delray Beach, Florida.  With a Masters of Science in Mental Health and Marriage & Family, Mrs. Turner began building a legacy that has grown over many years in leadership and commitment to the youth within the communities.  That service and dedication evolved into a larger purpose with a definite vision and mission for the organization.  

The organization seeks to positively influence and encourage today's youth during some of the most critical years of their lives.  A time when they are faced with the need to acquire the attitudes, competencies, values, and social skills that will carry them forward to successful adulthood.  As well as a time when they are faced with the need to avoid choices and behaviors that will limit their future potential.  Parents and families play a critical role in helping our youth navigate this phase.  It is our goal to work with schools, neighborhoods, and communities to extend and enhance the positive development of our youth!